Ubuntu Leadership Program

A business school where knowledge, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship come together to create sustainable and resilient communities in Africa

The Program

The Ubuntu Leadership Program is focussing on climate resilience and food security by providing and stimulating education, cooperation, and entrepreneurship.


We believe education, entrepreneurship, and cooperation are vital for societal development. These forces are crucial, especially in rural communities facing global challenges. Investing in education in less developed rural areas has a far-reaching impact. Addressing food security and climate change is essential in remote regions. Cooperation, entrepreneurship, and education drive societal progress.


The Ubuntu Leadership Program (ULP), in partnership with universities in Africa and the Netherlands, establishes learning communities in rural Africa. These communities, created in collaboration with African universities, also nurture rural business start-ups. Supported by students and entrepreneurs organized in the Ubuntu Leadership Business Club in the Netherlands, ULP provides on-ground training and coaching while utilizing digital tools for organization, connection, communication, and learning, all for the greater benefit of local communities


The program spans nine months and serves secondary school leavers in remote areas in Africa. It encompasses vocational training, business plan development, collaboration, and self-reflection. The aim is to empower students to become skilled craftsmen, bringing their business plans to life and fostering entrepreneurship and leadership within their communities.

Ubuntu Leadership Program trains young people in rural Tanzania

In remote, rural areas of Tanzania, there is an acute need for proactive leaders who are dedicated to addressing critical challenges like food insecurity and climate change. Beginning in 2023, Tanzanian school leavers from these regions will have the opportunity to engage in the Ubuntu Leadership Program. This program equips participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle these pressing issues and make a meaningful impact within their own communities. In 2023 the pilot of the leadership program will commence in the Northern Sunga Ward region, marking a distinctive and unprecedented initiative of its kind.

Meet the ULP-coordinator

Dickson Juma Shekivuli possesses extensive experience and knowledge, driven by a strong desire to help the next generation. He is eager to contribute with great enthusiasm.

Pilot Sunga Ward

  • The pilot of the Ubuntu Leadership Program will take place in the Sunga Ward/Mbaru Ward in Tanzania.
  • Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College and Upendo Secondary School will participate in the pilot
  • 20 students from the Sunga Ward/Mbaru Ward will be selected
  • The program will start in September 2023


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