About us

The Ubuntu Leadership Team consists of Dutch and Tanzanian team members. Together, they have a shared mission and vision for a better future.

The Initiators

Janne Reedeker
Ophely Regout
Hans Valkenburg
Madelon Messemaeckers
Dickson ShekivuliVicky John

Our Mission

The Sunga Ward/Mbaru Ward is situated in the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania. The main problem to be solved is the rapid desertification caused by poor agricultural practices, due to a lack of knowledge/skills and the low level of economic development. By raising awareness, improving agricultural skills, and diversification of services/businesses, the Ubuntu Leadership Program wants to turn the tide in the communities.

Our Vision

Through increased awareness, knowledge gathering, and the improvement of skills and entrepreneurship amongst a small group of students, The Ubuntu Leadership Program will change the future of the area into a more sustainable and wealthy one, through improved, sustainable agricultural practices and diversification of businesses and services.


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The Netherlands
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